Alexandre Trauner Film Festival

A mature and perhaps for this very reason nurturing festival, the same very young in spirit. No matter if you are a fledgling or seasoned filmmaker, you will terribly benefit in term of inspiration with the overflowing programme, a cultivated and refined selection of films of every length and genres – yet all following an intriguing fil rouge around fine arts and every year with a special regard (2018 it was the eye for Production Design) – and the extraordinary masterclasses (we could attend lectures/shows by Rajak Laszlo, Allan Starski and Peter Greenaway). The atmosphere is sophisticated yet cheerful, veracious and genuine. The evenings are highly enjoyable with a diverse musical offer stretching from the impressive local orchestra of Szolnok performing soundtracks and film scores to truly uproarious guest bands. The venue is brilliant in its beauty โ€“ quite both mutually in front and inside an old, beautifully lightened synagogue and the theatrical premises comprehensive of a bar and of the main cinema and another comfortable little theatre; between the two buildings a perfect patio on a tiny square for amiable conversations and interesting networking. All that spiced with the great hospitality and kindness of the staff and all the organization members. Great event โ€“ we were really proud to have the international premiere of our feature documentary โ€œUgo Dossi: Art and Spaceโ€ at this fantastic film festival – loved it sincerely!
Sara and Chris