Lebensreformerisch forever – Monte Verità 4.0.

We were in Ascona to meet Professor Bishop of the University of Glasgow, an expert on the cultural and philosophical environment in the Central European area between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as well as the Jung’s Reception of Friedrich Nietzsche. It was one of the interviews we have scheduled for our documentary feature When We Were Jung (it will be released in August 2019) about the importance of alchemy in Carl Gustav Jung’s thinking. On that occasion, we had the honor of visiting the Eranos Foundation in Ascona, a place that has hosted Jung on many occasions and of which he was practically co-founder. The cycle of lectures of 1936, “Die Erlösungsvorstellung in der Alchemie” will then be published in the framework of Psychologie und Alchemie. Jung interpreted the four stages of the alchemical trasformation of the prima materia, nigredo, albedo, rubedo, anc cintrinitas into the lapis philosophorum as projection of the psychological Individuationsprozeß, the psychic process during which the innate archetypal content of the universal mind is supposed to mingle with personal experiences leading at the end of the path to the discovery of the real Self, the integrated individual.

In Ascona I tried to get in touch with the psychic forces that animated the beautiful souls of the magic circle of Monte Verità for at least the first half of the twentieth century.
I heard them whisper to carry on the project according to dictates 4.0.