I discovered this festival in search of beautiful campsites in Switzerland. In fact, much of the Paleo-related experience consists precisely in being able to camp around the area where the musical part of the festival takes place. In addition to the truly refined musical selection, we are not close to Montreaux, a city on the lake elected by Freddy Mercury as his home, so the Lemans seem to know the music – I congratulate the organization for the perfect logistics: on the area reserved for the festival it is also an independent recycling plant that recycles the waste produced by those who haul it and visit it from one hand to another; the ground of the camping is taken care of throughout the year with very advanced soil renewal techniques and made very soft by a layer of thin wood chips; the showers are cleaned and built with recycled materials; there is plenty of volunteers who collect the “accidentally” waste that fell to the ground 24/24; etc. etc. etc. all in the name of maximum sustainability. The only flaw? They keep the good red wine of the region in refrigerators, thus ruining their taste as well as consuming new electricity in other contexts of the festival so cleverly spared.