Rio Marin rosso shocking

The Italian version of the film Don’t look now (1973) by Nicolas Roeg has a funny frou-frou name, very long as in the ‘70 fashion: A Venezia…, un dicembre rosso shocking, quite kooky-wacky and at the same time airheaded, what is artistic enough.
Moreover, Rio Marin is a terrific literary place: behind me the palace where The Aspern Papers (1888) by Henry James has been set as well as the little-secluded garden that hosted first ardent words of love frantically spoken by Stelio and Foscarina protagonist of Il Fuoco (: The Flame, 1900) by Gabriele D’Annunzio and then literally, their lovemaking. Furthermore, also Pink Floyd made history on there when they decided to enter the premises of a veritable sui generis bar there, I Postali, sorrowfully burnt up in 2012, but until that moment an old flame for countless Venetians and passersby. Inside was a singularly fine fresco by Hiroshi Daikoku featuring David Dalla Venezia.
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