Steam punk vs. Esteem Punk

More vintage was yesterday, now is more montage: I discovered the possibility of the vintage look in the middle of the ’90, it already existed at the horizon, though the phenomenon wasn’t yet a cultural mark of the late modernity, nevertheless it was already extant as such at large. Not only I regularly visited some long well-established shops in Milan – that sold American Apparel and Appealing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Besides, even in Genoa, the little big city where I was attending high school, and moreover in my very neighborhood there was one of those havens for rummaging the piece of wonder you could just not image before the discover; the owner, a girl with the dream of London, was running her business at the cutting edge, offering a pretty good selection of clothing from the ’60 and ’70, even some never worn pieces with the old once brand-new label still hanging by. Thus, I have been โ€œexperiencedโ€ very soon in my adolescence with the love for dressing vintage – last but not least thanks to the imprinting due to my mother, a fashion stylist with an exquisitely refined eye and the habit for revisiting the past as rather a deep feature of her personality.
Now moving on, bit more away from my memories, I guess I developed a strong interest in the modernism/postmodernism debate because of the encounter with vintage fashion that I deciphered to be the quintessential trait of the contemporary Zeitgeist.
ยฉ Wundersaar