The Sigil of Bael

The Demon Bael:

ยซHe appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad, sometimes like a man & sometimes in all these forms at once.ยป

(Lesser Key of Salomon)

That’s right what the GIF โ„– 1 depicts, isn’t it? Just look at it for more than six seconds and all those shapes will reconvene.

According to the occultist doctrine of Goetia Bael is the demon who bestows Invisibility. Here the transformations of his glyph, the Seal of Bael, towards invisibility. It disappears in fact, transforming itself in something else, while in the core it remains the same, just in disguise. That could be a new fashion for summoning demons. Or angels if you prefer. For me, it is all about renewing rituals of summoning by the act of digital moshing.