within a selfy

“The world has become self-referring (…) The world for thousand years was our escape, was our refuge. Men hid from themselves in the world. We hid from God or death. The world was where we lived, the self was where we went mad and died. But now the world has made a self of its own. Wh, how, never mind. What happens to us now that the world has a self? How do we say the simplest thing without falling into a trap? Where do we go, how do we live, who do we believe? This is my own vision, a self-referring world, a world in which there is no escape.” Statements by Owen Brademas, the hidden thread behind โ€œThe Namesโ€. Which book of Don De Lillo am I speaking of? As elsewhere in the notes to the photos here, the key to know is in one of the sentences of my short comment ๐Ÿ˜‰
ยฉ Wundersaar